About Us

We are a Canadian Web Hosting company

We are a small Vancouver web hosting company. We are different from most Canadian Web Hosting companies in that we really want our clients to succeed! We focus on website uptime, web security and real-person support as the core foundations of our Canadian Web Hosting company.

What is Web Hosting?

domain-registration80Web hosting is like renting space, like an apartment. If you can imagine that web hosting servers are like apartment buildings, our web hosting packages are like individual apartments. We manage the building and you maintain your apartment. Essentially you are renting web space in the same way you would rent physical space.

We make sure no one breaks in with our comprehensive web hosting server security, the electricity works (server uptime) and that water (email) keeps flowing in and out quickly and without issue. Using this same analogy, a domain name is similar to having a phone number that it directs people to your website. Web design, web development or website updates would be similar to interior decorating for your space.

Our History

We were founded in 2009 and our office is located in the “Digital District” of Vancouver across from the Emily Carr University.

Mezzo HostThe word Mezzo is Italian for “Medium” which is what we provide; web hosting as a medium. We also feel that the word Mezzo represents the cultural mission of many of our customers; such as photographers, musicians, businesses, schools and other creative types of all kinds.

We really love the Internet and what can be done with a website.

We are very passionate about Web Hosting. We are very experienced with WordPress Hosting, Magento Hosting, MediaWiki Hosting, Moodle Hosting as well as hundreds of other one-click web applications.

We understand that not everyone is a web or computer wizard, so when you host with Mezzo Host, know that we’re available to help you with your website as much as we can. You can always quick contact us. We also have an extensive support knowledgebase showing you how to use many of our web hosting tools, tips and resources.