What is cPanel?

cPanel is our web hosting control panel that provides a visual interface and tools designed to simplify the process of hosting and managing a web site.


The cPanel interface consists of three parts:

  • Navigation bar
  • Sidebar
  • Features List

Navigation bar

The navigation bar provides the currently-active account information and provides controls that allow you to change settings and log out of your account. 

  • Click the site logo to navigate to the Home interface. 
  • Use the Search Features text box to quickly find the interfaces that you need. The Search Feature text box also navigates to interfaces in the User Preferences menu. 

  • Click the username to manage user preferences and configure the dashboard.

NOTE: Use the keyboard shortcut / to jump to the Search Features text box. This feature only functions in Chrome and Internet Explorer.


On the left side of the cPanel interface, you can click to return to the main cPanel area, or check out the "Statistics" which refer to your account resources and not web traffic.


The Dashboard replaces the legacy "Quick Links" options which will display the cPanel tools you use most often.

User Manager

The User Manager interface allows you to add, manage, and delete your subaccounts. You can manage each subaccount's access to email, FTP, and Web Disk. The User Manager interface also allows you to merge email, FTP, and Web Disk accounts into a single subaccount. Additionally, this interface allows you to link service accounts to subaccounts.

If any email, FTP, or Web Disk accounts use the same username, the User Manager interface allows you to merge those account into a subaccount. The User Manager interface groups any service accounts that qualify for a merge. To merge the service accounts together, click Link. If you do not wish to merge the service account, click Dismiss and the User Manager interface will no longer present the merge option for that service account.


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