How do I use the MailScanner Tool?


You can control what happens to spam and viruses sent to your email (if hosted by us) by changing the MailScanner configuration in your cPanel control panel.

To access the MailScanner configuration options, login to your cPanel account and click on the MailScanner tool under the Email category.

If you have only one website hosted with us in your cPanel control panel you should see two main sections: Current Settings and Change Individual Domain Settings. If you have more than one domain website hosted with us you will see an additional section entitled Change All Domain Settings. You can change all your domains to the same settings, or you can configure each domain individually.

You can set the MailScanner on or off simply by using the drop down menu under Spam Scanning.


NOTE: Until you change these settings for the first time, they will show as "Not Set" and your email scanning will occur as per the default settings.



Using MailScanner

MailScanner assigns a score to each email based on various attributes and triggers. The higher the score, the more likely the mail is to be spam. There are two levels of spam, low scoring and high scoring.

High scoring spam is almost certainly spam, and low scoring spam is probably spam but it's possible to have what is called “false positives”. Low scoring spam must have a score of at least 5 but less than 20, and high scoring spam is email that has a score of at least 20. These two levels allow for flexibility. You can easily change the level of the low and high scoring spam by using the drop down menus next to the labels of Low Scoring Spam and High Scoring Spam.

By default, our MailScanner feature allows you to send all your spam email to but you can set these spam emails to be sent to whatever email address you wish by setting up an email forwarder.


If you choose to have the spam forwarded to an alternate email address you must create this email address in cPanel. You can either use the default "" or set up a different email address in Other Settings. Suspected spam emails may have {Spam?} added to the subject line.

Most email programs have the option of adding in filters.  To make sure that email the spam scanner tags as spam doesn't end up in your inbox, you should create a filter in your email program to move messages with {Spam?} in the subject line to the "Spam" or "Junk" folder in your email program.

Virus Scanning - If you would like all your email for this domain to be scanned for viruses, select yes. If you don't want your email scanned for viruses, select no.

Deliver Cleaned Emails - Most email viruses are sent by infected "zombie PCs" and have no valid content. If you want to receive notifications of each virus that was sent to you, select yes. If you do not want to receive these notifications, select no.

Spam whitelist
 - You can add email addresses or domains to this list that you never want marked as spam. Please note that emails sent to you from these email addresses or domains will still be scanned for viruses and dangerous file attachments but they will not be marked as spam. Do not add your own domain to this list, as it will whitelist all emails sent TO your domain as well as FROM your domain.

Spam blacklist - You can add to this list any email addresses or domains that you want always marked as high scoring spam. The action you have specified for High Scoring Spam in the Mail scanning options will be applied to any emails sent from domains or addresses on this list (i.e. marked and delivered, deleted, or forwarded).

Low scoring spam setting
 - You can change the level at which MailScanner will identify an email as low-scoring spam (probably spam) by changing this setting. If you change it to a higher number you may receive more spams that have not been identified as spam by MailScanner. If you change it to a lower number you may find that MailScanner is identifying non-spam emails as spam, i.e. there will be more false-positives. 

High scoring spam setting - You can change the level at which MailScanner will identify an email as high scoring spam (almost certainly spam) by changing this setting. The default is 20 and this setting works well in most cases. If you find you are getting excessive amounts of low scoring spam with a score just below 20, you may want to change this setting to a lower number, such as 15. If you change it to a lower number we would recommend NOT setting high scoring spam to Delete until you've tested it for a while to be sure the new scoring is working well for you. 

Additional email address - If you'd like to have spam forwarded to a different email address than "", for instance an email address on another domain, you can specify that email address here.

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