How do I view my website statistics?

There are two ways to view your Website statistics. We primarily rely on AWstats but also offer Webalizer Stats via our cPanel. Here are the instructions to access AWstats below.

There are two ways to view your Website statistics.

Through our Website

AWstatsLog into the Client Area at the top of this page and choose the website domain name. Review the Quick Shortcuts area. Choose the Awstats tool and click on it. Follow the next section for instructions of what to expect next.


Through cPanel

After logging into cPanel, the Awstats tool and click on it.

To view AWStats traffic statistics for a domain, click the magnifying glass icon next to the domain "View" that you wish to view. A new interface will appear that displays the AWStats traffic statistics for that website address.

AWStats displays the following details about your website's visitors:

  • Monthly, daily, and hourly averages in graphs and tables
  • The links through which visitors access your website
  • HTTP codes
  • Operating systems
  • Browser information
  • Locales of origin

Understanding the Statistical Information

When reading your web statistics in AWStats, you will first see:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Number of Visits
  • Pages
  • Hits
  • Bandwidth

Some of these terms are misleading, such as "Hits" is not the same as "Visitors".


Unique Visitors: These are the total number of visits by a unique IP address. This can be a bit misleading because dial-up visitors get a new IP each time they log on so you can have the same person visit different times and give a unique hit.

Number of Visits: The number of visits are the total number of visits by all visitors over a given period of time. If, for example, Joe Smith visits your site and then returns 4 more times you should see one Unique visit and 5 visits from Joe Smith.

Pages: This is the total number of pages viewed by visitors. This does not include images, java script or CSS and the like. Just HTML and CGI type files.

Hits: A very misleading term, people often believe this means how many people are visiting the website but this is no the case. This is every file requested by the visitor. This includes pages and images together. If you have a page with 2 images the page will generate a total of 3 hits.

Bandwidth: You can largely disregard this measure because of Mezzo Host's generous amount of data transfer. This number is the total number of bytes downloaded. Most web media files are measured in terms of kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB). If you have one page that has 12 KB of text, one image that uses 200 KB of disk space then each visitor to that page will take 212 KB of your bandwidth, or monthly data transfer (both terms mean the same thing).

For more information about AWStats, view the AWStats official website.

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