How do I park a domain name?

A parked domain, or alias, is a secondary domain that points to the user’s primary domain. When users attempt to access the parked domain, they will see the main website. 

NOTE: Domains must be registered before they can be parked. In addition, they will not be functional unless they are configured to point to your DNS servers. 


Using the Control Panel

1. Log into cPanel and click on the Aliases tool under the Domains category.

2. Type the name of the domain name to be parked (or select it from the table if one is shown) in the Add Domain text box, enter the domain name you wish to park.

3. Click Submit and you're done.


Addon vs. Alias domains

Click here for instructions on how to use Addon Domains.

Addon domains
Alias domains
The main domain appears in the address bar. Yes No
The domain uses the following Apache directive: VirtualHost ServerAlias
The domain uses separate logs. Yes No
The domain uses separate stats. Yes No
The system treats the domain as a subdomain (other than the URL). Yes No
This type of domain is ideal for multiple domains that share the same address. No Yes
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