Why am I receiving a "Domain Registrant Verification" email?

As of January 1, 2014, ICANN requires all accredited registrars to validate new contact information.  

When a new domain is registered or transferred to us, we will immediately send an email to the Registrant email address specified for the domain, or if the registrant’s first name, last name or email address have been changed.

What exactly is the validation process?

The validation process is a 15 day window during which a Domain Registrant must provide an affirmative response to an email that we will send to them. The email contains a link that the Domain Registrant is asked to click. 

When you click this link, you are taken to a page that displays the email address, first and last name that you used to register the domain. The validation email message also includes a link to the domain registration terms and conditions and a checkbox that you must click to indicate that you agree to those terms and conditions. Failure to respond to this email will result in the domain being suspended.

The validation page looks something like this:


Verification Page


What does "suspended" mean?

Suspended means that ICANN interrupts the DNS and prevents the domain from resolving. The domain will be placed on ClientHold and our internal WHOIS Lock. We have no control over this.


What action will trigger the validation process?

Any new registration, transfer in, email or name contact updates, or if the renewal reminders bounce-back, this will trigger the validation process. 


How many emails will I receive once the validation process has started?

A Domain Registrant will receive an email to validate their contact information on day 1, day 5, day 10 and day 13. On day 16, if you haven't validated their information, you will receive an email informing you that their domain name has been suspended. 

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