How do I connect to my site using Dreamweaver?

After building your website with Adobe Dreamweaver®, you can publish it to your hosting account. Publishing your website with Dreamweaver requires you to complete two tasks:

  • Define a Site - Tells Dreamweaver where to find the files for your website on your computer and how to connect to your hosting account.

  • Put Your Files - Moves your site's files from your computer to your hosting account, making them accessible to visitors going to your domain name in a Web browser.

1. From the Site menu, select New Site.



2. Enter a Site Name, and then select your Local Site Folder.

3. Click Servers, and then click Add new Server


4. Complete the following fields, and then click Save.

  • Server Name — Type the name of site
  • Connect Using — Select FTP
  • Address — Type your domain name
  • Username — Enter your hosting account user name
  • Password — Enter your hosting account password
  • Root Directory — Type www
  • Web URL — Enter your website's URL


NOTE: Uncheck Passive FTP, under More Options.


5. From the Files window, select the files or folders to publish, and then click Put File (blue arrow).





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