Why does my website appear as insecure while using a SSL certificate?

When using a SSL certificate, your website may show as insecure if your site is referencing media files within the web site linked to an absolute path. All links to media files must be directed to https. For example, an absolute link would look like:

<img src="https://www.example.com/images/banner.jpg">


Note the s in https - that is what tells a web browser if a website is secure or not.

An absolute path uses "http" or "https" which is the crux of the problem since "https" must be used for all content to appear secure. A relative link doesn't include the domain name. Media content (an image, movie, audio) needs to be referenced with a relative path.

For example, a relative link would look like:

<img src="images/banner.jpg">


By using a relative path, part of the image location is left to be assumed. A web browser will use the actual URL of the web page. So, if you use a relative path and the page is http://example.com/page.html, then the image is assumed to be at:


If you use a relative path and the page is https://webhost.examplehost.com/~matt/page.html, then the image is assumed to be at https://webhost.examplehost.com/~matt/images/banner.jpg.



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