Is my website down?

It's very unlikely that your website is down. Outside of scheduled server software or hardware updates which are done in the middle of the night, we have never had any downtime issues.

Firewall Block

The most common reason you might not be able to reach your website or our website is because you may have made too many unsuccessful logins to cPanel, FTP or email service.

Just like using a bank card, if you get the PIN wrong too many times, the bank machine may lock you out. Our security firewall works the same way. When you make more than dozen failed login attempts, our security firewall automatically assumes you may be a hacker trying to break into your webhosting account. 

The easiest thing to do is to wait it out. Generally our security firewall will only block you for 15 minutes at a time. If you continue to make failed login attempts, the firewall will continue to block you. The best way to avoid triggering the firewall is to change your password if it doesn't work after a few times of trying.

To resolve a firewall block, contact us and report your IP address (you can find your IP address at:

We also ask you to bookmark this website to see if your hosting service is actually affected or if it's just your computer or device:

Domain Name

It's possible your domain name expired. If your domain name was purchased through us, you should be able to check here. Otherwise, use our Domain Name WHOIS search to see where your domain name was registered and when it expires.

Please note that web hosting services and domain names are separate services. For your website or @domain email to work properly, your domain name must be registered, renewed regularly and pointing to our server.

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