How do I view or change my email password?

There is no way to view or retrieve your email password because all email passwords are encrypted for your security. The best course of action is to change your password. 

Logging into our Website

1. First log into our website here

2. Select the domain associated with the email address.

3. Click Email Accounts and you'll be directed to cPanel without needing to log in again. Follow the next set of instructions.


Logging into cPanel

1. First log into cPanel and click on the Email Accounts tool.

2. Next to each email account setup, you will see a Change Password link. Click there to update your email account password.


Logging into Webmail

This only works if you know what your current password is. 

1. First log into Webmail ( - replacing with your domain), using your existing email address and password. 

2. At the top right corner, click on the drop down menu and select Change Password.

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