Canadian Web Hosting

Mezzo HostWe are a Vancouver Web Hosting and Web Services company.

We focus on website security and web hosting support as the core foundations of our website hosting company. We strive to give great value to our web hosting customers. Competitive with other many Canadian web hosting companies, we include a rich set of website tools and features for a fair and reasonable price.

Our webhosting packages and prices can be found here.

Real Person Tech Support

Canadian Web HostingWhen you need help with your website or email hosting we’re here to help you.

Our Canadian Web Hosting support staff can help you configure your email, configure personal privacy and web security settings, and help you understand how to take control of your website.

We also offer a support knowledgebase where you can quickly find web support answers.

Secure Web Hosting

Website SecurityAll of our web hosting packages include comprehensive and proactive web security protection.

Every minute of every day we protect our customers from website malware and database injections, brute force attacks, email and FTP hacking, and other website and email intrusions. Most other web hosting companies charge extra for this service or don’t offer it at all. We offer website and email security without extra cost.

100% Uptime & Free Backups

Web Hosting Uptime

We guarantee perfect website uptime along with secure weekly backups of your website, database, and/or email with backup redundancy for up to a month for our web hosting customers, without extra cost.

We know how important your website and email is and how you need it working all the time without any interruption. And if you lose critical data by mistake, we will help restore your website and email immediately.


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